Stevie Nicks Describes The Fear and Struggle That Led Her To Write 'Landslide' (VIDEO)

In 1974, Stevie Nicks was waitressing tables by day while she worked on music at night with her partner, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. It was before the then-couple joined Fleetwood Mac, and times were tough. "We could not afford to buy anything, except just enough food to eat, and that was it -- and gas for our car," Nicks recalls in the above video from her 2013 appearance on "Oprah's Master Class."

At the end of her rope, Nicks says she contemplated giving up and going back to school. "This didn't do a lot of our relationship, because fear never helps relationships," she says. "And when you are kind of scared about where your next money is coming from, or really, how are you going to keep this whole boat afloat, it's really nerve-wracking."

At times, Nicks admits she had doubts about her relationship with Buckingham. "And we're going to end up breaking up, and everything we worked for is going to be done and it's all going to be for nothing," Nicks thought. "That's really want the song 'Landslide' is about."

It all came down to one question, Nicks says: Is it worth staying in this relationship to keep the music together?

"And my opinion always was, yes, it is," she says. "What we have to offer is way better than what I have to offer by myself, or what he has to offer by himself. So, you need to stay together."



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