Stevie Nicks Wants Hillary Clinton To Beat Donald Trump In A (Wait For It) Landslide

And the landslide brought Trump down ...

If the presidential election goes Stevie Nicks’ way, she might be singing “Landslide” at Hillary Clinton’s inauguration. 

It wouldn’t be the first time she celebrated a Clinton victory. During the 1992 U.S. presidential campaign, Bill Clinton used “Don’t Stop” as his official theme song, which parlayed into a Fleetwood Mac reunion at his inaugural ball. Oh, the ‘90s. 

Before Nicks embarks on a cross-country solo tour to promote her two most recent releases, 2011’s “In Your Dreams” and and the 2014 album “24 Karat Gold: Songs From the Vault,” she sat down with The New York Times to go on the record as a Hillary supporter and suggest a new theme song. 

We’re all kind of over “Fight Song,” right?

“Of course I’m for Hillary Clinton,” she said. “It’s hard to think of anything as amazing as that song was for Bill. He picked it out when he was driving around in a cab somewhere years before. When she wins by a landslide, I could gather together the Dixie Chicks, Billy Corgan and everybody who’s ever sung a version of ‘Landslide.’ It’s not up-tempo, but it certainly would get the message across.”

Watch Fleetwood Mac and (Twist!) Michael Jackson perform “Don’t Stop” at Bill Clinton’s 1993 inaugural gala below: 

Read the rest of Nicks’ interview with the Times here.



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