Stewart Mocks Fox News For Criticizing Arizona Shooting Memorial (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart continued his coverage of the Arizona shooting aftermath Thursday night, this time going after Fox News for actually criticizing the memorial held this week. While pundits initially praised the memorial service for those who were killed in Tucson, Stewart showed how soon they turned to nitpicking it as if it were a televised form of entertainment.

President Obama delivered support, inspiration and comfort to the people affected by Sunday's tragic events, not receiving much criticism about the event. But later, perhaps in a fit of boredom, Fox News pundits began discussing how the seating arrangement could have been better.

"Yeah, that would have made it much better," Stewart said. "That would have made it a better show, but you know it's a memorial service -- not the Emmys."

What's worse, the Native American man who gave the blessing, AU professor Dr. Carlos Gonzales, was criticized for sounding "strange" and blessing one too many things. Even veteran journalist Brit Hume said "it was most peculiar" as if it was supposed to be entertaining. This sent Stewart over the edge:

"It's not a show! He didn't open up a show! It's 'mourning' with a 'u'! You're confusing a morning show, which you are on, with a show of mourning which this is."

And it didn't stop there. More Fox analysts complained that the service was too positive and even likened it to a "pep rally," saying you can't have a memorial and a pep rally together.

"Have you ever been to an Irish wake?" Stewart asked in response.

For more, Stewart turned to correspondents Samantha Bee and John Oliver to discuss exactly how one can be let down by a memorial service.


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