Stewart Impersonates Glenn Beck To Debunk His George Soros Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Impersonates Glenn Beck To Debunk His George Soros Conspiracy Theory

Jon Stewart spends a good amount of time on his show mocking Glenn Beck, but last night was one of the rare occurrences where he dedicates half his show to skewering the Fox News Host's inaccuracies and outlandish behavior. Using his now infamous impression of Beck, Stewart broke down his recent "puppet master" conspiracy theory regarding billionaire George Soros wanting to overthrow the American government.

Stewart began with a thorough take down of Beck's expose, which used actual puppets and his usual chalkboards to explain Soros's step-by-step formula to take over the government. Beck backed it up by saying:

"I could not say these things about the most powerful man on planet earth and stay on the air if they were not true."

Stewart agreed that Soros was a "creepy hedge fund billionaire" but laughed at Beck's theory, especially his insistence that stating it on television proves its accuracy. But then, Stewart began to form his own conspiracy theory regarding Glenn Beck.

In the second segment, Stewart returns wearing his "Glenn Beck" glasses, breaks out TWO chalkboards and proceeds to turn the tables on Beck's conspiracy. His theory? That Beck is not actually Rupert Murdoch's pawn, but a a "Fifth column Trojan Horse subversive sent to destroy Rupert Murdoch by his real master George Soros."

Using the same impassioned language and gestures that Beck so often uses (including even MORE puppets) Stewart "proves" that Beck is purposefully trying to ruin Fox News because Rupert Murdoch is the only person in Soros's way (oh, and hundreds of other billionaires and media moguls). This leads Stewart to the conclusion that Beck is really Soros's puppet and "The Manchurian Lunatic."

WATCH: Stewart's Glenn Beck Impression

WATCH: Stewart's Opening Segment About Beck & Soros

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