Stewart RIPS Glenn Beck's Civil Rights Rally: 'I Have A Scheme' (VIDEO)

Stewart RIPS Glenn Beck's Civil Rights Rally: 'I Have A Scheme' (VIDEO)

"The Daily Show" has a knack for going on vacation when important things happen, so it's nice to see Jon Stewart proactively "report" on Glenn Beck's Aug. 28 civil rights rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In a segment dubbed "I Have A Scheme," Stewart picked apart Beck's plan to "restore honor" to the republic on the same day and in the same place as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did exactly 47 years ago.

Beck claims not to have realized the coincidence when planning his "Beckapalooza" and Stewart honestly believed him. "Wow, so Glenn Beck didn't realize that was an important day in African-American history?" he asked. "I find that... Totally plausible. I find that totally plausible."

While Beck will not be standing in the same EXACT spot as Dr. King did on that historic day (he'll be standing two flights down) Stewart did take issue with Beck's plan to "reclaim the civil rights movement." Beck argued that white people can't praise or support the mission of Dr. King without criticism.

"Who acts like white people can't praise Martin Luther King?" Stewart said in disbelief. "Or is it that they don't want people who called Barack Obama, the first black president, a racist to praise Martin Luther King?"


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