Stewart Exposes GOP Hypocrisy: Extending Bush Tax Cuts Won't Lower Deficit (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Daily Show" Jon Stewart took on Republicans for their dramatic words about the deficit and simultaneous defense of the Bush tax cuts. While conservative pundits refer to the deficit as "crushing" and dangerous to our "children and grandchildren," Stewart worried that the GOP doesn't understand what's causing the deficit they fear so much in the first place. "Do they not realize that the tax cuts strengthen the deficit monster that's going to eat our babies?"

According to Fareed Zakaria, letting the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year would reduce the deficit by 30%. Still, conservatives such as John McCain and John Boehner argue that we should extend the tax cuts and not raise taxes. Amazed at how two opposing ideas can exist on the same party platform, Stewart asked, "how exactly can you be for deficit reduction and extending tax cuts?" before airing a clip wherein Sarah Palin argues for both in the same sentence.

Other conservatives argued that the money the government earns in taxes isn't the same as the money they spend, so the tax cuts will not affect the deficit. To this, Stewart responded with the famous "F**k you, pay me" scene from "Goodfellas."

"The deficit doesn't care where [the money] comes from," Stewart said.