Stewart RIPS Karl Rove & Fox News For Selective Foreign Donor Outrage (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart did what he does best: using clips from Fox News and GOP leaders to show how hypocritical both can behave.

The Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling this past January eased restrictions on how much money corporations can spend on political ads, but it also allows certain organizations called "501C4s" to have a special tax status so they do not have to reveal who their donors are.

As Stewart points out, "Democrats are furious about Republicans' untraceable ads because of their principled stand against fear mongering." Yet, the DNC did exactly that when they recently ran an ad vaguely accusing Republicans of using "secret foreign money."

"It looks like the fear 'mongee' has become the fear monger" Stewart said.

No one was more upset with this accusation than Karl Rove, who immediately wanted to know
"Who's behind all this?" In fact, as Stewart backed up with clips, everyone at Fox News has suddenly become outraged by people wanting to know where money is coming from, when just two months ago it was Fox News who was "following the money" in regard to the proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero.

Stewart wondered: Does the GOP's selective outrage only apply to "dirty Muslim money?"