Stewart Exposes Fox News' Irrational Fear Of 'Ground Zero Mosque' Imam (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart mocked the media's obsession with would-be Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones, and showed how Fox News considers reasonable statements by "Ground Zero Mosque" Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to be veiled threats to further their fear-driven narrative.

First addressing Terry "Yosemite" Jones's plan to burn Qurans on 9/11, Stewart pointed out that God both called for and called off the burning, according to Jones.

"When God told you to do it originally, he hadn't anticipated the backlash?" Stewart asked of Jones. "God didn't see that one coming?"

Stewart likened the media's constant coverage of the crazy pastor to the dog from the movie "Up!" It's like no matter what is going on the world, they will drop everything if they see a squirrel. In this case, the squirrel is an irrational person who thinks burning books is OK.

Speaking of irrationality, Stewart moved on to re-discuss the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy, but particularly Fox News' nonsensical fear of Imam Rauf. Fox demands the Imam answer their question of "Why there?" but when he calmly explains on CNN that moving the center would send a message to Muslim nations that Islam is under attack in the U.S., and that "anger will explode in the Muslim world," all Fox hears is "explode."

Stewart pointed out that using the threat of violence, which is what Fox News consider Rauf's explanation to be, to "expedite a desired outcome," is exactly what Fox News does when it pushes for a conservative candidate. The proof lies in Stewart's clips of Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Sean Hannity, and others sounding way more ominous than Rauf.