Stewart: Fox News Is The Meanest Sorority In The World (VIDEO)

For his final push for health care reform, President Obama has gone into campaign mode, getting himself out there and addressing the American people. But as Jon Stewart pointed out last night, Fox News, Obama's "real opponent," has retaliated. In campaign mode themselves, the network has begun running anti-health care commercials that greatly resemble attack ads.

The combination of the ads and the network's coverage of pro-public option protesters have left viewers believing something "that may not have any basis in fact."

Stewart pointed out that Fox News depicted the peaceful protests as a Tehran-esque mob, getting ready to storm the gates of the Ritz Carlton to get their point across. But upon further inspection of the blurry footage, he found members of this group included a women in a wheelchair. "I don't think you can storm things in a wheelchair."

The manipulating footage, combined with some smugness from anchor Megyn Kelly, prompted Stewart to put it bluntly: "I think Fox News might be the meanest sorority in the world."