Stewart Hammers Conservatives For Hypocritical Obama-Bush Comparisons (VIDEO)

When Jon Stewart's on his game, it's a thing of beauty. And considering he's always on his game, last night's opening segment was flat-out gorgeous, as he ripped hypocritical conservatives for constantly comparing Obama to Bush - but only terms of missteps.

The bit began by acknowledging the criticism the Elena Kagan selection, a move conservatives compared to Bush's failed nominee, Harriet Miers. It wouldn't be a big deal on its own, but as Stewart pointed out, it's just one of many times pundits have been quick to compare anything Obama does to a Bush failure. Whether it's his Katrina or Afghanistan, "it's like no matter what happens during the Obama administration, there's the perfect Bush f--k up for the occasion."

But the hypocrisy lay in the fact that the same incidents conservatives used to defend and champion Bush's 8 years in office are now being used as the "low-water mark" for Obama. Stewart went on to compare them to shady used car salesmen, touting their product until some sucker takes it off their hands, upon which it becomes "your piece of sh-t now."

Closing it out, Stewart joked: "You know, for these conservative pundits, this may be their 'choke on a pretzel' moment."