Jon Stewart Invites Glenn Beck To 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Invites Glenn Beck To 'The Daily Show'

Just a day after he invited Sarah Palin to appear on "The Daily Show," Wednesday night Jon Stewart extended the invitation to Fox News host Glenn Beck.

Stewart was surprised when he saw Glenn Beck's controversial "Today Show" interview, particularly after Meredith Vieira asked him if he had contributed to the dialogue of hatred on his show. His response? That he wasn't when he was joking, and that Vieira should "Ask Jon Stewart. Ask 'The Simpsons'" what he was talking about.

"I think Glenn Beck thinks I'm a cartoon character!" Stewart said before telling Beck directly that there is an open invitation for him to appear on "The Daily Show."

"Glenn, here's the thing my man. You don't have to tell Meredith Veira to ask me!" He said. "Glenn beck, I would like you to be on our show."

What would that segment be called? "Drop A Load On Jon Stewart" and "Two Established Television Personalities Penetrate Each Other While People Watch" were two ideas thanks to Stewart's constantly malfunctioning chyrons.

To sweeten the deal, Stewart appealed to Beck's love of chalkboard and presented a five-pronged chalk holder with different colored chalks all ready to go for him.

"Just think: you could connect FIVE people to George Soros!"


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