Stewart To Julian Assange: 'Stop With The Drama' (VIDEO)

Tuesday night's "Daily Show" continued Jon Stewart's coverage of the latest WikiLeaks release of over 200,000 secret government documents. Responding to media claims that founder Julian Assange is a form of terrorist for revealing the covert discussions, Stewart analyzed the type of information he uncovered and asked for Assange to "stop with the drama."

Media outlets have called the WIkiLeaks dump a "diplomatic 9/11," but based on the "mostly non-policy chit chat" that was leaked, Stewart said it was more like a "diplomatic mischief night, maybe."

While Stewart agrees that transparency is good, and just the night before was upset by WikiLeaks' information on Saudi Arabia, he also knows that secrecy doesn't always indicate nefariousness. He used a reporter asking Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton if she was "embarrassed" by the findings as an example of their non-importance:

"Embarrassed? Were you alive in the 90s?"

Pondering why Julian Assange started WikiLeaks, Stewart showed a clip where he explains that he is a "combative person" so WikiLeaks is "personally, deeply satisfying" to him. But Stewart still didn't quite get Assange's motivation, let alone if it has any real effect on the American people.

"I think you're underestimating how cynical Americans are about our government already," Stewart said, citing numerous wars and indefensible actions which we already know about as evidence. "So unless in these WikiLeaks we are going to learn that the aliens from Area 51 killed Kennedy, stop with the drama."

For more, Stewart turned to Aasif Mandvi to discuss the importance of transparency in government which, according to Mandvi, is why he "gets to see your penis at the airport."