Stewart Rips Fox News For Making Obama's Car Analogy Racist (VIDEO)

Stewart Rips Fox News For Making Obama's Car Analogy Racist (VIDEO)

Stewart returned "The Daily Show" to New York last night after a week in Washington D.C., and didn't waste any time doing what he does best: exposing Fox News for their hypocrisies.

While the President was rallying for Democrats this weekend, he used one of his favorite analogies for a Republican take over of Congress, saying that it's like they want the keys back after driving the car into a ditch. He finished by saying that they can come along for the ride, but "they've got to sit in the back."

Stewart thought the comment innocuous, but then asked the audience if they had "heard it the Fox way?"

Unfortunately, the "Fox way" consisted of Sean Hannity insisting to Michael Steele that "President Barack Obama said Republicans have to sit in the back of the bus."

Stewart was ready with a slew of clips showing how nearly every pundit at Fox News bought that Obama was making a Rosa Parks reference, and how they back it up only by saying things like, "You're hearing more and more people mentioning that that was the connection."

"Yeah, unless you change the channel - and then you're hearing no one mentioning that," Stewart said. "Oh my God! It's a Fox News exclusive!"

But the best part came at the end of the segment, when Stewart showed how Fox's Peter Johnson did "verbal gymnastics" in order to prove that Obama meant "back of the bus" instead of a car, only to be followed up by a clip of Michael Steele ACTUALLY saying "back of the bus" during an anti-Pelosi speech - with vigor.


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