Stewart On Killing Of 9/11 Bill: 'I Give Up' (VIDEO)


Last night on "The Daily Show" Jon Stewart expressed more sadness and frustration than usual, airing a new segment simply titled "I Give Up." The subject of Stewart's aggravation was the killing of a health care bill by House Republicans that would provide almost $8 billion to first responders and relief workers now suffering chronic health problems due to their service on 9/11.

Stewart showed clips of Rep. Dave Camp (R) saying he would vote against the bill because it came with a "fundamentally flawed and job-destroying tax increase."

"Oh, I didn't know they were going to try to PAY for the bill?!" Stewart exclaimed. This led him to wonder what reprehensible tax was needed in order to help the heroic workers. Actually, the tax would prevent foreign multinational corporations from avoiding paying income tax on U.S.-earned money stored in offshore banks. To this, a shocked Stewart simply responded, "you fill my heart with sadness."

Stewart's spirits were further dampened when he learned that both Republicans and Democrats were to blame.

Even after Rep. Anthony Weiner made passionate (and loud) arguments for the bill, AND it received a hefty majority vote of 255 to 159, the bill was not passed. Why? Because Democrats used a procedure where you need a 2/3 vote to pass, which was done to prevent Republicans from attempting to amend the bill later and "embarrass them in an election year."

Stewart threw his head in his hands. "Did I mention that I give up?"


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