Stewart On Latest BP Developments: "We Are So F--ked" (VIDEO)

During last night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart assessed the ongoing oil spill disaster and the new developments that have occurred. His conclusion: "We are so f--ked."

In addition to the constant flow of ridiculousness coming from BP (rigging Google results, the "domestic violence" tone of their ads, denying plumes, etc), the solutions keep getting nuttier and nuttier. The latest entries come from Chuck Grassley and Kevin Costner, who has vowed to fight the spill with oil-separating technology. Joked Stewart:

"If you had a machine that cleans up disasters, why didn't you use it on '3000 Miles To Graceland?'"

Meanwhile Grassley's idea calls for the deployment of beer-making ingredients, prompting Stewart to ask, "What's the idea? Get the ocean so wasted it throws up the oil?"