Stewart On Violent Iraqi Elections: "You're Welcome" (VIDEO)

Iraq held what was supposed to be its least corrupt election, yet polling stations were attacked with bombs and a few candidates were assassinated. But to really see how it played out, Jon Stewart turned to his friends in the media to see their reaction. Despite the rampant violence, everyone from Newsweek to Fox News deemed it a success.

Noting how we may have lowered the bar as to what constitutes a success, Stewart summed it up:

"So seven years after invading the country that had nothing to do with 9/11, to find weapons of mass destruction they didn't have, I guess the only thing left to say to the Iraqis're welcome.

He was then joined by John Oliver, who reveled in the American victory. In an Oscar-esque speech, Oliver "thanked" everyone who made the victory possible -- dreamweavers like Bush and Cheney, behind the scenes folk like Blackwater -- but of course was Kanye'd by Samantha Bee, playing the role of crazy lady.