Stewart Takes Paladino To Task For Comments On Gays (VIDEO)

**Scroll down for video. Paladino remarks start around 6:00 minute mark**

Jon Stewart returned to "The Daily Show" last night and jumped right back into his Indecision 2010 coverage, focusing on the biggest gaffes so far in these midterm elections. Stewart picked up on all the unforced errors, but one person in particular got hit the hardest: New York candidate for governor Carl Paladino.

While someone from California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown's camp called Meg Whitman a "whore" on tape and Florida senate candidate Charlie Crist threw out a horrible first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game, in Stewart's opinion these gaffes are nothing compared to Paladino's numerous gay slurs. Even Republican congressional candidate Rich Iott, who was seen dressing up like a nazi for a historical reenactment, got Stewart's defense over Paladino.

"This guy is not a nazi, he's a history nerd!" Stewart argued.

But with Paladino, Stewart says his only unforced error is "allowing TV cameras anywhere near [him] when [he's] speaking." Paladino recently spoke out against gay teachers to a group of orthodox Jewish leaders, which Stewart jumped all over.

"So he's making the case to orthodox religious folk, that gay people will brainwash their children into dressing and acting in an unconventional manner," Stewart said. "Gay people."

Paladino also said judgmental remarks about gay pride parades, and even attacked his opponent Andrew Cuomo for taking his kids to one. This is where Stewart put the last nail in Paladino's coffin:

"That's Carl Paladino making the case that he is the 'family values' candidate," Stewart said. "Because he would never take either one of his two simultaneous families to a gay pride parade."