Jon Stewart: 'Sarah Palin May Be A Russian Spy' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart: 'Sarah Palin May Be A Russian Spy'

"The Daily Show" returned Monday night and as expected, Jon Stewart addressed the chaos in Egypt and Hosni Mubarak's exile. But as we'll probably hear more from Stewart on the tormented country this week, you'll find the night's most noteworthy segment in the clip below, where Stewart realizes that Sarah Palin may, just may, be a Russian spy.

After Palin called President Obama's "Sputnik moment" analogy a "WTF" moment, and got her facts wrong about the Soviet Union's collapse when debunking it, Stewart had an epiphany: Who would want to twist historical facts and misinterpret the President's message in that way?

"Oh my god!" Stewart said. "Sarah Palin may be a Russian spy! What? No, that's crazy! I know, but what if it's true? No, if Sarah Palin was a Soviet agent, she would have slipped up by now, and made some reference to favoring a totalitarian state."

This, of course, brought back memories of Palin's recent North/South Korea slip-up on Glenn Beck's radio show.

To think, this entire time we've been worried about "Kenyan Obama Socialism" and a Russian spy has been under our nose all along. Now, Palin's caginess began to make sense to Stewart. Her 2008 interview with Katie Couric brought many examples to mind: her inability to name a Supreme Court decision she disagreed with, or a newspaper she reads every day to start.

"Most comfortable in long, Northern winters? Her favorite color is? RED! What is the mascot of Russia? A BEAR! You are totally a super-hot Russian spy!"


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