Stewart Responds To Hannity's Apology: Nothing's Worth Sitting Through His Show (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, Jon Stewart did a segment on Sean Hannity's health care protest coverage in which he revealed that the Fox host had used footage of a different, larger event to make gathering look more impressive. The "Daily Show" went on to mock Fox by adding more video to Hannity's story, this time from Woodstock and the movie "300."

The next night, Hannity apologized saying Stewart was right. Stewart watched the show in anticipation of this moment, but after tons of tears and teddy-bear hangings, he revealed that "nothing's worth sitting through this."

Stewart went on to praise Ramin Hedayati, the young producer who caught the Hannity flub. (Full disclosure I know Mr. Hedayati personally.) "He" came came out on stage to take a bow and despite having graduated college in 2002, Ramin looks surprisingly old and begged Stewart to kill him so he could stop watching Sean Hannity's show.