Stewart Shames Rep. Steve Cohen For Calling Republicans Nazis (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Shames Steve Cohen For Calling Republicans Nazis

Thursday night's "Daily Show" followed up on the supposed "era of civility" we are living in after the tragic shooting in Arizona. At first, Jon Stewart was impressed by Rep. Steve Cohen (D- Tenn), who said before a vote to repeal health care that congressmen and women should not be calling each other communists and socialists.

However, Cohen didn't take his own advice. Shortly thereafter he compared Republicans telling people "Obamacare" is a government takeover to Nazis in Germany lying to people about Jews. Not only could Stewart not believe the hypocrisy, but found Cohen's hyperbole counter-productive:

"You may be right. Republicans may be lying about health care reform. But if your point is to say that they're lying, why do you have to go Nazi on them? You know there's already a perfectly good word for liars: liars."

Stewart went on, explaining what should be common sense: sharing one attribute with Nazis doesn't make you one. And to prove how easy, and therefore pointless, the Nazi-calling game really is, Stewart found a way to turn it on Rep. Cohen instead:

"I have no problem with coarseness. What I have a problem with, is people using hyperbole to induce an irrational fear of a particular group with the goal of ultimately reducing their numbers. Hey! You know who did that?"


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