Stewart Rips Fox News For Inaccurate Reporting On Nuclear Arms Treaty (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took on one of his favorite targets last night, mocking Fox News for blatant inaccuracies in their coverage of Obama's nuclear arms treaty with Russia. As he pointed out, the treaty in question has many stipulations, notably that it does not eliminate all nuclear weapons (just reduces by a third) and does not render us defenseless, as adjustments can be made that would allow the U.S. to retaliate if necessary.

But of course those details may have slipped past the folks at Fox News, who appeared to have a "willful misunderstanding of the policy," as they blathered on and on about how Obama was leaving us defenseless. Stewart he even compared the "purposeful idiocy" of Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity to "Beavis and Butthead."

On top of that, Stewart did the unthinkable: shattered the infallible image of Ronald Reagan, a fan favorite among the Fox News crowd. Well played, Jon. Well played.