Stewart RIPS Fox News For Contradictory Statements On Ground Zero Mosque (VIDEO)

Stewart RIPS Fox News For Contradictory Statements On Ground Zero Mosque (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart has really been on his game lately when it comes to showing FOX News pundits contradicting themselves. Last night on "The Daily Show," Stewart again directed his attention to the debate over the Ground Zero mosque, beginning by highlighting the contradictory remarks President Obama made last week before moving on to FOX, hitting Glenn Beck particularly hard.

One clip showed FOX News pundits claiming the location of the mosque isn't their biggest concern, but the man spearheading the project Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, claiming "we don't know what he's planning to do in that cultural center." Stewart didn't hesitate to show a clip immediately afterwords of Rauf HIMSELF sitting on the FOX News couch talking about exactly that.

But the best part of the segment was when Stewart caught Glenn Beck in a huge contradiction. The first clip showed Beck doubting Rauf's "moderate" stance due to statements he made after 9/11 saying America didn't "deserve" the attacks, but that American policies were "accessories to the crime."

"What kind of scheming, America-hating, extremist monster would say something so evil?" Stewart asked, before cutting to a clip of Beck saying LITERALLY the same thing as Rauf, just three months earlier. "What will he think tomorrow?"

Stewart then turned to John Oliver to get his take on the controversial construction. Oliver pointed out that it's not a question of "right" or "wrong," but of "can" and "should." For example, "You can build a Catholic church next to a playground, but should you?"


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