Jon Stewart Mocks GOP, Tea Party Rebuttals To State Of The Union Address (VIDEO)

It was truly a night of rebuttals Wednesday night on "The Daily Show," with Jon Stewart providing his comedic rebuttal of the President's State of the Union address as well as mocking the rebuttals presented by Reps. Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann. Even John Oliver provided his own rebuttal to Jon Stewart's rebuttal to Obama's address. Yeah, it was a big episode.

Stewart's best material undoubtedly came from Rep. Ryan's message on behalf of Republicans and the Tea Party's rebuttal presented by Rep. Bachmann. While Stewart expected Ryan to sell a message of limited government to a prime time audience, he actually sounded quite liberal, saying government should "protect our borders" "protect innocent life" and "provide a saftey net," among other things.

"I guess you are a different kind of Republican," Stewart said. "The kind that's trying to sound like you're not a Republican."

Of course, it was Bachmann who spoke for "the real America" in her rebuttal, but Stewart could only focus on one thing: her inability to look into the camera.

"What is she looking at? Is she being coached?

Watch the full clip below to see what Stewart learns about Bachmann's camera gaffe, and below that catch Stewart's official response to the President's State of the Union address.

WATCH: Stewart's response to the rebuttals

WATCH: Stewart's response to Obama's address