Stewart Takes Sarah Palin To Task For Playing Victim, Invites Her To 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes Sarah Palin To Task For Playing Victim

Tuesday night's "Daily Show" began with Jon Stewart saying he had good news, that the victim of the Arizona shooting we've been keeping a close eye on was finally making a recovery.

Naturally, he was talking about Sarah Palin.

"Actually a lot of the credit for Sarah Palin recovering after being unfairly linked to the shooting has to go to her nurse, Sean Hannity," Stewart said.

In Palin's interview with Hannity on Monday night, Stewart recognized her playing the victim all too well. She and Hannity made it seem as if the media was "ascribing negative motivations to her innocent actions" and then practically disproved that during the course of the interview.

Stewart agreed with one of Palin's statements, that Jared Lee Loughner is really the one to blame and that the entire shooting was unnecessarily politicized. But minutes later, Palin referred to Loughner as "an apolitical or perhaps even left-leaning criminal."

"There must to be a word for complaining vociferously about a wrong being done to you whilst casually committing said wrong without even realizing it," Stewart said. "For now let's call it an 'Anchorage Steamer.'"

During the rest of the interview, Palin expressed her annoyance that people read into her "don't retreat, reload" statements and crosshair map. But in the course of her complaining, she also alienated half the country by saying those on the left want to "bring America to her knees."

Stewart offered his evaluation of what Palin has become:

"You have become a lighting rod less for your clarity of vision, but more for your ability to turn any criticism of you of into persecution of you."

Watch the rest of Stewart's segment to hear his thoughts on Palin's purported risk of censorship, as well as his invitation to Palin to appear on "The Daily Show."

"My show or your wilderness utopia," Stewart said.


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