Jon Stewart Rips Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Over Prank Call (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips Gov. Walker Over Prank Call

Jon Stewart continued his coverage of the union protests in Wisconsin Wednesday night, this time focusing on Governor Scott Walker and his recent run-in with a prank-calling journalist.

Walker's stand-off with state employee unions continues over the end of collective bargaining rights and cuts to workers' benefits. He now says he'll lay off 1500 public employees by Friday if his proposal doesn't pass.

"The streets of Madison will run pink with slips," Stewart mocked.

Although the unions have already agreed to the budget cuts in exchange for keeping their collective bargaining rights, Walker refuses to back down and Stewart doesn't understand why. Walker even explained in an address Tuesday that he has great respect for those who work in government, backing it up with "I really do."

"'I really do' is a dead giveaway for 'I really don't,'" Stewart said

All joking aside, Stewart did say Walker seemed "straight-forward, direct and genuine" in his address, a stark contrast to how he sounded when a reporter for the Buffalo Beast called him impersonating one of the Koch Brothers, David.

The reporter, Ian Murphy heard Walker's real strategy for dealing with the chaos, including a way to trick the Democratic 14 into returning to session and thoughts of planting troublemakers. Stewart couldn't believe it.

"Plant troublemakers? But you were a Badger Boy!"

Watch the full segment below and see how Stewart ties all of this in with Glenn Beck and his conspiracy theories at the end of the clip.


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