Stewart On NPR's Firing Of Juan Williams: 'Fox Won That Fight' (VIDEO)

After a short break last week, Jon Stewart returned to "The Daily Show" last night to address the recent controversy surrounding Juan Williams' firing from NPR and the ensuing backlash from Fox News.

Things looked a bit different on set last night since Stewart and "The Best F#@king News Team" relocated to Washington D.C. for the week leading up to the Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear and the midterm elections. Still, Williams being fired from NPR was the big story missed while "The Daily Show" was dark, so Stewart sarcastically jumped right in. He and his entire news team reported on the segment dramatically dubbed "NPR Staffing Decision 2010" to point out how the media's coverage of William's firing and its conservative backlash has been blown out of proportion.

Stewart, who was recently at the center of a similar controversy surrounding Rick Sanchez, surprisingly claimed Fox News the "winner" of the feud. After showing clip after clip of Fox being outraged at the firing of Williams after he expressed a fear of seeing Muslims on planes on their network, Stewart looked past their hyperbolic statements to see that they had actually won the argument with NPR. When Fox called NPR's firing "censorship" and said their funding should be cut, NPR didn't counter-attack but simply responded that Williams' opinions were between "him and his psychiatrist or publicist."

"Are you kidding me NPR? You're picking a fight with Fox News? They gave Juan Williams a $2 million contract just for you firing him! NPR? You just brought a tote bag of David Sedaris books to a knife fight."

To better understand why Williams may have made these remarks about Muslims, Stewart turned to Aasif Mandvi and Larry Wilmore for a "Team Black/Team Muslim" debate.