Stewart Takes On Palin's Hand-Scribbled Buzzwords (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took on Palin's appearance at the Tea Party Convention last night, mocking both the speech itself and of course, the notes she'd written on her hand.

After recapping the familiar issues covered at the convention, Stewart observed that "the only difference between this and every Republican gathering over the last forty years is the Gaylord podium they were talking from...and of course, sass!"

And that sass came in the form Palin's attempts to rah rah the crowd and put down Obama with catchy phrases like "How's that hopey-changey stuff working out for you?" Stewart then took her down a notch, stating that "Palin believes Obama's hope and change teleprompter rhetoric is no match for mavericky note-card, hand-scribbled buzzwords."

Unsure of how to respond to Palin's poor attempt to avoid using a teleprompter, Stewart checked his own hand notes, which read "make face, curse." He did. And rightfully so.