Stewart Takes On The Alvin Greene Victory (VIDEO)

Stewart Takes On The Alvin Greene Victory (VIDEO)

Last week Democratic candidate Alvin Greene emerged victorious in his state's primary, despite being unknown and unemployed. His state? South Carolina. Yup, one of Jon Stewart's favorite targets.

Calling South Carolina "America's whoopee cushion," Stewart reveled in not only the absurdity of Greene's victory, but of course, the media's coverage of it. Of course this led to some CNN-mocking, who he referred to as a "ghost network" when they tried to pressure Greene into admitting that he was hiding something.

One of the hot topics in the media was the possibility that Greene could be a plant by the Republicans. Stewart debunked the ridiculousness of that notion, laying the blame squarely on the Democrats who voted for him;

This is the political equivalent of running yourself a warm bath, falling asleep next to it with your hand in the tub, wetting yourself, and then BLAMING THE REPUBLICANS.

Stewart closed by revealing the true culprit: the alphabet.


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