Stewart Takes On Media's Insistence That Obama 'Doesn't Get It' (VIDEO)


Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart turned his post-election coverage to President Obama's press conference Wednesday and the media's insistence that he just "doesn't get it."

In a segment dubbed "The Mourning After," Stewart analyzed the media's take on Obama's lackluster press conference. Pundits called it "lame" and said he looked as if he was "passing a gall stone," and should have been humorous. Stewart noted how Obama didn't hide his disappointment as he started the conference by saying, "Some election nights are more fun than others."

But then Stewart noticed a strange trend in the media's coverage: saying Obama "doesn't get it." He procured a multitude of clips from various networks saying that not only does he not get "it", but that the voters don't get "it." Stewart had to ask:

"Getting it? What is it? isn't it just a substitute generic for whatever you project onto it? I mean, as pronouns go, it's among the vaguest. It won't even choose a sex!"

For more, Jason Jones, Wyatt Cynac and John Oliver joined Stewart in discussing what exactly "it" is and if Obama at least had moments of "it" during his conference.


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