Stewart To Media: 'Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F**king Happy' (VIDEO)

Stewart To Media: 'Nothing Obama Does Will Ever Make You F***ing Happy'

Last night Jon Stewart responded to Barack Obama's much talked about appearance on "The View," or as Stewart refers to it, "a daily show about the misadventures of the world's unluckiest couch." While Obama made criticisms about the media during his coffee talk, the media also lashed out at him for appearing on the show, calling it inappropriate and undignified. Other more specific criticisms revolved around the President missing a semi-annual Boy Scouts Of America conference.

Stewart defended Obama's appearance on the show in two ways, first by showing a clip of former president George W. Bush and his wife in an interview with Dr. Phil wherein he asks, "were y'all spankers? Did you spank him?" Secondly, he came to the conclusion that if Obama had ditched the "View" appearance for the Boy Scouts, the conservative media would have skewered him for missing a candid conversation with women on national television, saying "nothing Obama does will ever make you f**king happy."

Speculating on whether or not either presidential appearance was really warranted, Stewart then asked if a "campfire sing-along or couch-side coffee klatch are the really the President's only two options?"


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