Stewie Griffin Comes Out ... As An American

The truth is finally revealed.

It’s been a long wait, and “Family Guy” fans were hopeful that they’d finally find out if Stewie Griffin is gay or not — even though he’s just a baby (albeit a highly unusual baby).

There have been lots of provocative hints throughout the years, which have been collected in a YouTube compendium, like the time Brian asked Stewie if he was queer and Stewie responded: “Probably.”

Sunday’s commercial-free episode, “Send in Stewie, Please,” featured Stewie in a therapy session with his school psychologist, Dr. Cecil Pritchfield (voiced by Ian McKellan). He was dispatched to Pritchfield’s office for pushing a classmate down the stairs.

After being generally eviscerated by the enfant terrible, Pritchfield manages to get Stewie to open up. As for his sexuality, the youngest Griffin revealed:

So, not exactly crystal clear.

“We all decided it would be more interesting to leave that door open for many interpretations,” executive producer Alec Sulkin told Entertainment Weekly.

Stewie does come out as an American, admitting that his snotty, upper-crust British accent was completely phony. But, Pritchfield couldn’t hear the difference in his accents so Stewie performed a gamut of accents and voices, including one as a “gay alien.”

Check it out here:

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