STFU, Parents: What Not To Share On Facebook This Summer [PHOTOS]

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For as long as people have been having kids, there have been "parental overshares": the moments when moms and dads complain a little too graphically about pregnancy -- or comment a tad too knowingly on someone else's kids' behavior. In the age of Facebook, those overshares have found a much larger audience, and B., an anonymous 30-year-old non-parent, created a way for everyone to enjoy them.

In 2009, B. launched the submission-based blog STFU, Parents to compile cringe-worthy and often hilarious "kidformation."

"My friends were starting to have kids, and suddenly they were posting a lot of baby minutiae," she told The Huffington Post. "I figured other people were probably experiencing a similar trend, so I started the blog and the rest is history." What B. didn't realize was how much parents would be telling Facebook friends about their kids' bodily fluids. "That would become the most common type of submission. And it can get really gross," she says.

Now that it's summer, B. thinks there are even more opportunities for over-sharing -- "When you mix kids and swimming, there are bound to be accidents, all of which get posted to Facebook" -- and she has graciously provided nine examples of what NOT to do when you enter the realm of social media during the warmer months.

Click through the slideshow to vote for the most egregious overshares below, and join STFU, Parents on Facebook and Twitter.

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1. Violence Against The Ice Cream Man

9 Things Parents Should Avoid Posting About On Facebook This Summer