Iowa 'Sticker Kid' Steals The Spotlight During Hillary Clinton's Caucus Speech

This kid wanted to become a meme. His dream came true.

A student who adorned his face with stickers may have upstaged former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she gave her Iowa caucus speech on Monday night.

Peter Clinkscales, a freshman at Drake University, snagged a seat right behind the presidential candidate -- and cameras caught him looking a bit distracted.

Viewers watching at home saw the 18-year-old dancing, attempting to eat the Clinton stickers plastered on his cheeks, sneezing and gawking at the cameras. He quickly become a trending topic on Twitter.

The teen said he was able to just walk in to the VIP event.

“Everyone that preceded me had a badge, and I walked in and they didn’t care,” he told the Independent Journal Review in a phone interview Tuesday.

Clinkscales said he chose not to participate in the local caucus and decided to wait in line to hear Clinton speak instead.

“Being undecided in the Democratic caucus, I thought I would go see what Hillary had to say at her rally,” he said.

Over the summer, Clinkscales snapped a selfie with Clinton's rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). 

Lol I'm not even a democrat but still Bernie Sanders is pretty rad #feelthebern

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