'Sticker Kid' Photo-bombs Hillary Clinton At Iowa Caucus, Wins The Night

This kid is a hero.

Some may quibble over who really won the Democratic presidential caucus in Iowa on Monday, but the true winner from the event was a kid who put stickers all over his face and strategically placed himself behind Hillary Clinton while she gave her caucus speech.

Not only did he put stickers all over his face, he also did a weird chewing thing:

And busted out some Drake-approved dad dancing:

His silly speech-bombing soon caught the attention of folks on social media, especially on Twitter, and the hashtag #stickerkid was soon born:

According to New York Daily News, Peter Clinkscales, a freshman at nearby Drake University, is the guy behind the stickers. He told NYDN that his initial effort was attempting to sneak a saxophone into the rally for former President Bill Clinton to play, but he was denied by security. So, he returned, face plastered in Hillary stickers, and somehow snagged a coveted spot reserved for VIP guests behind the former secretary of state.

“No one questioned me,” Clinkscales told NYDN.


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