Stilborn President

A Stillborn President:

We are in the final pangs of agony, as we prepare to give birth to a stillborn presidency. Sometimes, there is a letup in our pain and we feel as though we can breathe. Then, from nowhere, the burning cramps begin again, slowly at first, then harder and ever stronger until we are left curled up within ourselves, unable to move, unable to think.

Our piercing labor pains have been going on since the early morning hours of November 9th when we realized that we were doomed, as a nation, to birth an illegitimate president.

We are wracked with grief, spasmodically throbbing in our collective despair, and now, with but an hour left to go until the moment of birth, we are, most of us, inconsolable for the loss of what might have been.

Let this stillborn presidency be expelled today, finally, at 12 noon, for it must now be and we cannot begin to heal until we accept and release our wracking pain through this searing birth. Let him become our stillborn president, in whom their misbegotten, vapid trust has been foolishly placed. Let the birth of this benighted creature finally take place and let its bloody afterbirth be belched out in fiery clumps alongside of him.

This long, scorching labor will soon be at an end and the vacant promise of new life will brought out into the open world for all to see its despicable sham.

Let this creature be placed into the presidency of our country and let his shameless incompetence be laid bare. Let the stillborn president come into this world, to be shown for what he is and just as summarily cremated upon the ash heap of our history.

There will, by God, I swear to you all here and now -- there will be new conception and new birth in the years to come. There will be others who will restore to us the dreams of our nation.

But, first, we must endure this. It is now an hour until the final cataclysmic moment of birth. Let it come. Let it happen. Let these ghastly pangs of labor cease. Let him be spewed out only to whither away in the atmosphere of hatred he has engendered and, just as quickly, let him die choking on his own noxious fumes.

Then we, again, shall come together, in love, to create "a new birth of freedom" for our beloved country

LORI FRYD -- The Reluctant Revolutionary