Stiletto Racing Exists, Would Make An Awesome Olympic Event (VIDEO)

What could possibly be the scariest collision of the sports and fashion worlds (aside from some of the Olympics uniforms)? We think we may have just discovered it. It's called stiletto racing.

Yes, competitive racing in painful high heels exists, and it sounds like the best/worst thing ever. Just last month, women in Moscow, Russia, voluntarily signed up to sprint 50 meters in a minimum of 3.5 inch heels. And since there was a $3,000 shopping voucher at stake, these women took the competition pretty seriously, duct-taping the shoes to their feet and shamelessly falling...a lot. In the end, Marina Tuktamusheva took home the prize.

We can't say we'd try this ourselves (unless we were running to catch the F train on the way to work -- that's totally different), but wouldn't it make the most awesome Olympic sport? Just imagine Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps facing off in an epic high-heel race. Ok, so we doubt that they'd participate in this hypothetical game, but you get our point. The crazy thing is that stiletto racing is actually kind of a thing -- similar races have taken place in Paris, Australia and Berlin. So perhaps a slot in the Olympic games schedule isn't such a bizarre idea after all...

Watch the strangely hilarious video of the stiletto race in Moscow below. Would you try it?

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