Still Against Gay Marriage? Read This!

It's been a great week for America. History was made on Friday as The Supreme Court ruled to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states. While this great victory has been met with so much joy and elation for most, unfortunately there are still some people that will never be able to accept it. To those people, I offer you these thoughts:

- If you want to make it a religious argument, then ask yourself this question: What would Jesus think? Would the Prince of Peace really endorse this behavior? While he might not necessarily agree with the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize gay marriage, and while he might not agree with the LGBT lifestyle, ultimately he would still extend his hand in friendship to his fellow man. That is the point that so many Christians are missing. Feel free to disagree all you want, but stop putting people down and spewing your homophobia.

- There are bigger issues in the world that desperately need our attention. Look at how many people are homeless and living on the street. Look at how many children are literally dying from starvation or are severely malnourished. Look at the radical terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Queda killing so many innocent people. The point is the world is full of real problems that desperately need to be solved, so does it really matter that a man and another man want to live together? Does it really matter that two women want to start a family and raise children and provide them a loving home?

- If someone's beliefs tell them that gay marriage is wrong, that's fine because that's what you believe and after all, this is America and you have the freedom to believe what you want. But leave it at that. We should all be allowed the opportunity and freedom to live life on our own terms as long as we aren't hurting anyone else in the process. There's no reason to go on a hate parade and start slamming other people with bigotry, hatred and discrimination. It's wrong and won't be tolerated.

- Have we not learned our lesson from the past? America has a long history of discrimination that includes blacks, Native Americans, and women. Lincoln freed the slaves and it still took another 100+ years for blacks to be treated like equals. Some people claim racism is still alive and well in modern day America. For all of our country's claims of exceptionalism, we have some pretty shoddy history as it relates to human rights. Remember not too long ago when blacks and whites couldn't live in harmony? Gay rights will be the same way. While it's legal now, and while some people still refuse to accept it, 50 years from now it won't even be an issue.

- The Supreme Court decision and legalizing gay marriage everywhere is a huge step for America. It shows there are enough independent thinkers out there. If we're truly going to evolve on these important social issues, we can't be a nation of drones programmed to believe everything in The Bible or take the word of anyone no matter who they are or what kind of power they hold. Just like the airplane has evolved from the time of The Wright Brothers, or mail has evolved into email, it's no different with gay rights. In time things are supposed to get better, not worse, and the only way that will happen is if enough free thinkers push back and question the old ways of doing things.

To all my LGBT friends and Americans, this is your time. Congratulations! The bullies and bigots will kick and scream like the small minded manipulators they are, but it hasn't been enough to prevent Americans from doing the right thing.