Still Lying: Top McCain Aide Claims McCain Urged Firing Rumsfeld

Sunday morning on Meet The Press, McCain chief strategist Steve Schmidt trotted out one of John McCain's tired old lies, the false claim that McCain had urged President Bush to fire Donald Rumsfeld.

The truth is that John McCain never urged Bush to fire Rumsfeld, nor did he call for his resignation.

Earlier this year, McCain aide Brian Rogers told the Washington Post:

"He did not call for his resignation," said the campaign's Brian Rogers. "He always said that's the president's prerogative."

Although McCain did distance himself from Rumsfeld towards the end of Rumsfeld's tenure, McCain has also heaped praise on him, saying that Rumsfeld and Cheney formed "the strongest" national security team in American history.

Here's video of Schmidt's lie, and of McCain standing by Rumsfeld: