Still Standing - It's Not Over Until God Says It's Over

Standing at the curb, she watched as the cars go by, waiting for the time to cross. The light turned red but she waited, watching the driver of the car waiting to make a right turn. He seemed to have tunnel vision -- only looking to the left. She waited. Not wanting the light to turn green, she started crossing the street. When she got halfway across his car, he moved off hitting her on the side of her left knee. She buckled over grabbing her knee. He stopped but did not get out of the car. Not waiting to get run over, she hobbled out of the road to safety.

The ambulance came and took her to the ER -- nothing was broken, thank God. She started physical therapy but every time it rained she had the most excruciating pain in her knee and could barely walk. She fought with her doctor to get an MRI. He finally relented. This MRI showed something was wrong; she had to see a specialist.

Sitting in the specialist office, she was a very frightened 19-year-old. Then he delivered the news -- "you need surgery to repair your knee." "What?" She thought. "I hardly ever get sick and now surgery." She had no other choice. During the surgery, the specialist discovered that the cartilage had been torn and had receded under her knee cap leading to the pain. Nearly a year of physical therapy ensued before she could resume normalcy.

Thanking God for bringing her out of the accident with her life, limbs and no deformities, she went on her way rejoicing that the devil lost that battle.

Twelve years later, at 31, she got rear-ended by a car while she waited to make a left turn. The impact sent her car flying down the road in a straight line, totaling the vehicle. The grace of God protected her because there was no median separating the lanes of traffic. If the car had veered to the left, she would have been in a head on collision.

She suffered neck and back injuries. Her spine lost all curvature and was straight as a ruler. Six months of physical therapy and a few trigger point injections later, she was able to resume normalcy.

One again she thanked God that she escaped another brush with death, physically intact. The devil lost, again.

Three years later, on a rainy day in NYC, she is stepping off the curb to board a bus when a yellow cab overtakes the bus on the right side and hit her. She went airborne and landed on the sidewalk, coming down hard on her right shoulder. She suffered neck and back injuries and tore a ligament in her right shoulder. After six months of physical therapy she was able to resume normalcy.

This was her third brush with death and God's arms of protection never failed. The devil lost for a third time.

This is my story of God's grace and mercy. I've heard it said that the devil will fight you the hardest when you are closet to your victory and the greater the struggle the greater the victory. Because God has a great plan for my life, I have faced death 3 times and lived to tell about His mercies.

Today at 35, I'm still standing because it's not over until God says it's over!