Sting's Macrobiotic, Yoga-Heavy Life On The Road

Yes, indeed, things have changed. Sting, you see -- not a regular vegetarian -- is on a strict macrobiotic diet. His personal chef makes him mock tuna wraps and "crunchy" soup.

Since The Police's wildly successful reunion tour began on May 28 in Vancouver, he's eschewed liquor and just about everything else that rockers of a certain era might have embraced or delighted in as a reward for having 20,000 fans stand through an entire concert cheering, screaming, applauding and singing along to nearly all his lyrics by heart.

At almost 56, Sting's most decadent pleasures are being turned into a pretzel by his yoga instructor an hour before show time and taking post-show pictures with four of his six kids (the youngest two are in school).