Stir Up the Romance

"The more buttons you undo, the more I become undone." - Michael Faudet

What happened to the times when lingering glances and subtle touches were enough to excite us? When did the spark of passion become intermingled with the mundane, to the point where love becomes drudgery, more boring and predictable than it ever should be?

For many of us, this is our reality. We escape into the world of old movies and romance novels hoping to grasp onto the emotion and the drama of relationships that we crave and never experience it for ourselves in our own lives.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why this is? Why you can't have the relationship that you fantasize about? Many times, it's because we feel we don't deserve it, but this is one of the greatest lies we could ever tell ourselves.

Every girl deserves her own unique romance. Contrary to what many romance novels will tell you, they won't all take the same form or have the same level of adventure, but the one thing that it should do is enervate you, strengthen you, challenge you to become your highest self. Of course, you don't need to have another person be the spark that lights you fire, but at the same time, you shouldn't subjugate yourself to someone who takes away from that fire. If you're going to have someone, have someone that lifts you up, instead of holding onto someone who brings you down.

So whether you're currently in a relationship that has slipped into tedium or looking for someone to be with, don't settle. If you love someone, and want to see your relationship become exciting again, stir up the romance, do something out of the ordinary to make it exciting. Chances are, they've just been scared too. If you're single, don't just go for the first guy that comes your way. Become strong on your own, feed your own inner flame and the right person will be attracted to the light, and help ignite the fire.

Your dreams can become reality if you believe in them, but first, you have to believe in yourself, that you're worthy of them. That will make all the difference.


Photos by Marisa Leigh