Stock Photobomber Makes Any Stock Photo A Million Times Better

Making fun of stock photos is a pasttime as old as stock photos themselves, but one brave Photoshopper is taking the art to the next level.

Enter Matthew Vescovo, aka the “Stock Photobomber,” who's created a Facebook page devoted to undermining staged photos with awkward photobombs.

“As an art director in advertising. I look through a lot of stock photography and I was always struck by how fake some of the shots were,” Vescovo told The Huffington Post via email. “I felt compelled to do something about it and came up with a way to inject some reality into the photography and that was to put myself in there.”

In one photo, Vescovo, 45, shows up creepily watching a couple’s amorous embrace. In another, he's looking lost and confused at a birthday and elsewhere he's surreptitiously smelling a woman’s armpit.

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The Stock Photobomber

The Los Angeles resident promises that “these images are just the beginning” and every time he visits stock photo websites, he finds “new targets … that I feel I must hit.” He also says a Stock Photobomber book is in the works, although the release date is yet to be determined.