Stockholm-Trump Syndrome Is Exploding Across America

Stockholm-Trump Syndrome is exploding across America, impacting up to 45% of the population. As a variant of Stockholm Syndrome, Stockholm-Trump Syndrome is characterized by a person's positive feelings towards Donald Trump despite his verbal abuse of that person.

Stockholm-Trump Syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding which occurs when strong emotional ties develop between Donald Trump and voters who intend to vote for Trump, even after he has harassed, threatened, insulted or/or intimidated those people.

Categories of voters afflicted with Stockholm-Trump Syndrome apparently include overweight women, women with unattractive faces, old women, women on their periods and women who go to the bathroom, if and only if they intend to vote for Trump. Other categories of people similarly afflicted include Mexican-Americans, Latinos, disabled people, the media, persons of color (including the orange ones), immigrants and Muslims, if and only if they intend to vote for Trump.

Without votes from members of those groups, Trump would never achieve the 45% share he enjoys just days before the election. After all, there are only so many people who aren't insulted by Trump's vicious name-calling and verbal assaults against women, minorities, the disabled, immigrants and Muslims. But most of the folks Trump hasn't insulted in the United States have at least one friend or family member who is in one of the groups Trump has insulted, yet Trump's poll numbers don't reflect much disapproval on their part

A common hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm-Trump Syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that a victim's ego identifies with Donald Trump and decides to vote for him in order to not feel insulted by his mean comments directed toward them. In this way, the victim's ego isn't damaged by the slight. In supporting Donald Trump, the victims cease to view him as a threat and their egos remain intact.

Not all Trump voters suffer from Stockholm-Trump Syndrome, however. Many voters who have not been insulted by Trump hear his message and believe he will make a better president than Hillary Clinton. They don't suffer from Stockholm-Trump Syndrome but they alone don't constitute a large enough group to garner the requisite electoral votes to elect Trump as President of the United States.

Trump needs all of the supporters he has never insulted and all of the Stockholm-Trump supporters he has insulted to vote on or before election day and even that may not be enough votes. But if he is elected President of the United States, we will only have four years for the Stockholm-Trump Syndrome to hopefully wear off before the next election!