The Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids That Aren't Candy

These gifts don't involve a sugar crash.

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Enjoy the looks on their young faces as they take more than just candy out of their stockings this year.
Enjoy the looks on their young faces as they take more than just candy out of their stockings this year.

“My kids need more candy!” ... said no parent ever.

Why is it that most of us turn to the candy and sweets aisle when loading up on last-minute stocking stuffers for the kiddos? Instead, there are plenty of fun goodies kids would love to get in their stockings that you won’t pay for later in the form of a sugar high and subsequent sugar crash.

Check this list out of gifts for kids that don’t involve sugar, and enjoy the looks on their young faces as they take more than just candy out of their stockings this year. Don’t worry, adults. We’ve got a guide to cheap stocking stuffers under $10 for you, too.

Take a look:

Funko Pops, for any of their obsessions
Funko Pops are a huge deal with kids right now, and they’re adorable and everywhere. What does your kid love? Marvel? Frozen? Fortnite? Whatever their preference, there’s sure to be a Funko Pop character they’ll love. Get them on Amazon.
This 'Frozen 2' necklace making kit
Frozen 2” is here and parents collectively are not ready. “Let It Go” may soon be replaced with other tunes, but there’s only one Olaf. This Olaf necklace kit will help celebrate one of the best characters ever invented. (And it’s a nice break from all the princess toys your little one loves.) Get this necklace kit at Target.
Bath bombs in colors they'll love
Do your babes love bath bombs as much as mine? If so, they would go crazy for these Crayola Bath Bombs. Pop a few in each stocking or dump them all into one. Get them at Target.
A kid-friendly wallet to hang on to all that holiday cash
Kids tend to get cash and coins here and there, especially around the holidays. They’re probably also collecting some cheddar from the tooth fairy these days, so give them somewhere fun to store it with this Pusheen coin purse or Spiderman wallet . Get both of these wallets from Amazon.
Fun little Pokemon action figures
Pokemon action figures are a sure shot for young fans of the game. Go in with other family or friends also looking for stocking stuffers and split this pack among a few different stockings. Friends and cousins can play together and swap as they want. Get this set on Amazon.
This mini eraser maker set
World Market
One day pencil and paper may be obsolete, but today is not that day. Encourage your kids’ creativity and have them make their own erasers that look like their favorite snacks with this fun mini eraser maker kit. Get it at World Market.
New slippers for Saturday morning cartoons
Slippers are a hit with the children who love to keep cozy. If your kids like to snuggle up for Saturday morning cartoons, they’ll probably like these pretty rainbow slippers or this minecraft pair. Get both of these pairs at Target.
This fun way to get them excited for dinnertime
Uncommon Goods
If tacos are a stable in your weeknight meal rotation, drop these dinosaur taco holders in their stockings. For the little snacker, this nachosaurus snack and dip set is the way to go. Get them at Uncommon Goods.
Slime, with a sparkly twist
Kids love slime — and why wouldn’t they? It’s messy and fun and low-key good for their fine motor skills. They’ll love this unicorn take on it, plus the name will slay the younger ones who love to tell poop jokes. Get it on Amazon.
These cute animal poppers
Uncommon Goods
Kids on the younger side will love animal poppers, and you can pick their favorite animal,from t-rex, hedgehog or adorable dog. The balls may go everywhere, but they’re a non-candy toy that can be made into a game when you challenge them to hit certain targets. Get them at Uncommon Goods.
A new Barbie you can feel good about
Barbie is a lot more inclusive these days when it comes to career choices, body shape, skin tone and even diverse hairstyles. Grab a Chelsea Club Barbie Doll and drop it in your little one’s stocking for an extra surprise. Get it on Amazon.
These build-your-own sets to work on after the holidays
Uncommon Goods
These DIY robot kits or animal kits will be a fun way for kids to wind down after the Christmas chaos ebbs slightly. You can also pick a llama or sloth from these kits. They’re too cute to pass up! Get them at Uncommon Goods.
This pack of kid-friendly card games
This pack of card games works for one or multiple stockings, and will encourage family fun for the whole year round. Get them at Target.
Pins so they can decorate their backpack
World Market
For the kids who like to personalize their backpacks, a unicorn or black cat enamel pin might be just the statement piece to add to their collection. Get them at World Market.
A fart sound machine (sorry)
World Market
Ok, hear me out: A fart sound machine will probably annoy you. But kids will for sure get a kick out of it. Get it at World Market.