Sleazy Couple Uploads Horrible Homemade Porn With Stolen Phone

Sleazy Couple Uploads Cringeworthy Amateur Porn With Stolen Phone

As if it isn't bad enough having your phone stolen, imagine finding the thief's cringeworthy amateur porn uploaded to your personal cloud accounts.

Brooklyn mom Victoria Brodsky was pickpocketed during a street fair in Brooklyn back in August 2013, and weeks later she discovered that the couple who stole her phone was posting sleazy selfies and homemade porn to her Dropbox account, The New York Daily News reports.

“It seemed like they were getting off after taking the phone,” Brodsky said of the 26 pictures and one homemade pornographic video, per the Daily News. “I would love it if they were caught.”

Brodsky said the disturbing video showed the couple “half-heartedly engaging in a hardcore sex act," according to Australian news outlet

Back in 2012, a woman who apparently stole a cell phone in an English nightclub was thwarted by an app called iGotYa, which automatically takes a photo after just one unsuccessful attempt to unlock the phone and then sends the pic to a synced email account. The phone's original owner discovered the image and led cops to the thief.

Sometimes, iPhone justice does prevail.

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Oops! Accidental Porn

Oops! Accidental Porn

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