'Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets': Pregnant Woman Killed In Suburban Home By Aspiring Hitman (VIDEO)

'Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets': Aspiring Hitman Kills Pregnant Woman

A senseless crime by a possible sociopath teen was profiled on "Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets" (Mon., 10 p.m. ET on ID). A case that sat cold for six months found new life when a teen came forward and pointed to a friend as the killer. The reason for the murders was as ridiculous as the murders themselves.

Nancy Bishop was 25-years-old and two months pregnant when she and her husband were killed in their home. Police found strange markings written in blood next to Nancy's body, as well as a stray bullet. But adding a new level to the case was the fact that the glass was cut to allow the assailant entry. This had them suspecting a professional hit, though there was no known reason for anyone to target the Bishops.

It turned out to be a completely random hit by a teenage boy who had aspirations of being a hitman. After his friend went to the police, they were able to arrest and charge David Biro for the murders. Investigators said he was toying with them during the interview and seemed to have no remorse or conscience at all. He's serving a life sentence.

"Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets" reveals new cases each Monday at 10 p.m. ET on ID.

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