Stone Brewing Evacuates As Wildfire Advances On Brewery In Southern California (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stone Brewing Evacuates As Wildfire Approaches

Stone Brewing, makers of Arrogant Bastard Ale, was forced to evacuate on Thursday as the Cocos fire advanced on the company's brewery in Escondido, just outside San Diego.

A timelapse video posted by the craft brewer, above, shows wisps on the horizon growing larger and more ominous until the sky is filled with smoke.

In the early afternoon, the firm sent out this tweet:

Despite the serious nature of the fire, some fans of the brewer couldn't resist sharing some beer-related levity.

"Isn't there some Bud Light at the grocery store that you can use to put the fire out?" Matthew Emmet posted on the company's Facebook page.

"Save the people and animals, then the beer!" David Bennett wrote in the comments of the video on YouTube.

Earlier, Stone had been posting photos to Facebook to show the fire's advance and to update customers on the situation.

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