Stoned Man Calls Cops After Mistaking Dog Bite For Gunshot Wound

"He believed he'd been shot and subsequently called the police."

Truth proved to be stranger than fiction when police in Texas were called to a reported shooting Thursday.

The alleged victim told the first cop to arrive on the scene at his mobile home in Groesbeck, 40 miles east of Waco, that he'd been shot in his left buttock while sitting on the porch.

But after a brief investigation, the Groesbeck Police Department officer realized that wasn't actually the case:

Instead, it emerged that the man had been smoking marijuana on the porch when a thunderstorm passed over. His dog spooked and nipped him in the butt.

"He believed he'd been shot and subsequently called the police," Groesbeck Police Department Chief Chris Henson wrote in a Facebook post, which he said he hoped would "quell the rumor concerning a reported shooting."

The unidentified man was treated at the scene by emergency medical services and later released.

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