Stoners Take Driving Test In Seattle To See Their Level Of Impairment (VIDEO)

Marijuana just became legal in Washington, but the effects of the new law are still being smoked out.

For instance, it remains to be seen whether the number of traffic accidents will increase as a result, but one Seattle TV station decided to see for themselves what effect pot usage might have on one's driving ability.

KIRO-TV recently asked three people who use pot -- daily, weekly or occasionally -- to suck the wacky weed deep into their lungs and then hit a specially prepared driving course accompanied by a sober driving expert.

How did they do? Better than expected.

One driver, Addy Norton, 27, arrived at the test with her THC blood level already at 16 nanograms -- nearly three times the state's legal limit, according to the 420 Times -- and quickly increased it to 36.7 nanograms.

Despite that, the driving instructor still classified her driving as OK.

“I wouldn’t pull her off the road yet. No, not at this point,” the instructor told the station.

Some people who've seen the video said that it's proof that Washington's state limit for pot intoxication is set too low, according to However, others said the current limit takes into account that each marijuana plant is different as is each driver.



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