Stoner Food Company 'Loud Mouth Burrito' Launched By Skateboarder Rob Rob Dyrdek

If you're a connoisseur of medical grade marijuana -- as many increasingly are -- then you're likely the target consumer base for professional skateboarder and MTV reality star Rob Dyrdek's new line of stoner-ready frozen burritos.

Dyrdek and his cousin Chris "Drama" Pfaff are the creative forces behind their company, Loud Mouth Burritos, which plans to roll out two products that combine the traditional Mexican staple with American flavors.

The company's Facebook page says it best:

Loud Mouth's Cheeseburger Burrito is the perfect blend of an American past-time with a Mexican twist. Premium ground beef, melted cheese and our special sauce in a tasty flour tortilla - heaven in your hands!

Loud Mouth's Pizza Burrito is the perfect snack for any occasion. Our spicy pepperoni and hot marinara sauce will take your taste buds on a wild ride from Italy to Mexico in every bite.

Gawker concedes, perhaps rightfully, that "the contents are basically only appealing if you're super high." Touche.

TMZ notes the products' tongue-in-cheek calorie count -- 420 calories -- a reference to numbers prominently used within cannabis subculture. The site also reports that only a few convenience stores carry Loud Mouth Burritos, including Kum and Go and Maverik, but the company hopes to change that by this summer's end.

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